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Discussions allow you to contribute to an online dialogue around a specific initiative. City of Santa Rosa, CA staff create and monitor discussions. Each discussion has one or more subtopics where you can add your thoughts or respond to other users’ comments.


Are you currently a producer or considering producing your original content? Or have you never used the Media Center or its services? We need your input to know what classes, services, equipment and programming our community needs.

We are working on developing our budget for fiscal year 2014/2015 and need your input!

Estamos trabajando en el desarrollo de nuestro presupuesto para el año fiscal 2014/2015 y queremos conocer sus opiniones.

Public input is important to the City as we begin preparing the FY 2014/15 budget. There are numerous ways for the public to provide input on the budget process including; using the Finance Department's online budget comment link, contacting staff and City Council members via e-mail or letter, attending the annual public hearing on budget priorities, attending City Council meetings, etc.

Please review the program descriptions link and then proceed to the online survey. So that you understand what the survey questions are referring to, it is important to read about the programs prior to completing the survey.

View our City Budget for current and past years here. / Ver nuestra Presupuesto la ciudad por año presentes y pasadas años aquí.

La opinión del público es importante para la ciudad al comenzar la preparación del presupuesto del año fiscal 2014/15. Hay muchas maneras para que el público a participar en el proceso presupuestario, incluyendo: el uso de línea de enlace comentario presupuesto del Departamento de Finanzas, en contacto con el personal y los miembros del Concejo Municipal a través de correo electrónico o una carta, de asistir a la audiencia pública anual sobre las prioridades presupuestarias, atendiendo Consejo de la Ciudad reuniones, etc.

Por favor revise el enlace de descripciones de los programas y luego proceder a la encuesta en línea. Así que usted entiende lo que las preguntas de la encuesta se refieren a, es importante leer acerca de los programas antes de completar la encuesta.

As part of the new Discussions Inspiring Neighborhood Engagement (D.I.N.E.) program the City of Santa Rosa would like to host a discussion among neighbors about important issues facing our city.

DINE In Person (Took place October 11th)

The DINE program pairs volunteer hosts with residents of their larger geographical neighborhood to eat dinner together while having a facilitated discussion about local affairs. Meals will take place simultaneously throughout the city with 8-10 volunteer guests and one facilitator at each site. Each dining site will be discussing the same issues so we can combine overall trends and commonalities to share with participants, the larger community, city staff and elected officials.

DINE Online (Going on now!)

This year we are expanding our dinner table discussions to include residents who cannot make it in person or would rather participate online by hosting this online discussion. We will even post discussion notes from (at least) one of our dinners online in real-time!

Join the discussion right now!

DINE in-person concluded Oct 11th but the conversation is just beginning!

Learn more about D.I.N.E. or view results from previous events


The City of Santa Rosa is excited to offer this ongoing opportunity for you to provide input and ask questions about the Santa Rosa Roseland Specific Plan and Annexation projects. To make sure we understand your preferences and can respond to your requests, we invite you to respond to the questions below. 

La Ciudad de Santa Rosa se complace en ofrecer esta oportunidad seguida para que usted proporcione comentarios y haga preguntas acerca de los proyectos del Plan Específico y la anexión del área de Roseland.  Para asegurarnos de que entendemos sus preferencias y podamos responder a sus peticiones, lo invitamos a responder a las siguientes preguntas.
The first draft design plan for Kawana Springs Community Park was presented at a community meeting on May 20th and is now available online for additional public review and input. Please refer to the "Topic" below to view an enlarged graphic of the Master Plan and to submit your comments.

The City of Santa Rosa Recreation & Parks Department is working with the Water Department to amend the A Place to Play Park Master Plan to include the following four changes:

1) Addition of a new emergency well and water system to be located near the southwest corner of the park. The proposed emergency groundwater well will offer a viable option in the event of an emergency, such as an earthquake that would disrupt the public water system, or disconnection or interruption to the Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA) system. The water provided by the emergency well would provide a temporary water source to Santa Rosa Water customers, such as hospitals, schools, nursing facilities, homes and businesses. 

2) Addition of an existing recycled water pump station that is currently located in the northwest area of the park. This pump station was installed in the park in 2007 and the change to the master plan reflects this alteration.

3) Addition of picnic areas to be located near existing and future playgrounds.

4)  Addition of three hydration stations and/or drinking fountains (locations to be determined). 

The City would like your input on the proposed changes. Please refer to the "Topic" below to view an enlarged graphic of the Master Plan and to leave your comments.

For specific questions about the new emergency well and water system, please contact Jillian Tilles at jtilles@srcity.org or (707) 543-3878. For other questions about the proposed Master Plan amendments, please contact Adriane Mertens at (707) 543-3276 or amertens@srcity.org.

The second draft design plan for Kawana Springs Community Park was presented at a community meeting on June 24, 2017 and is now available online for additional public review and input.

This second draft reflects a variety of public input that the Recreation and Parks Department received after presenting the first draft during a Community Meeting on May 20, 2017 and from comments submitted online. Based on the received input, the seond draft has been updated with frequently requested additions and other changes that were also well-suited to the site conditions.

A summary of the most significant changes include:

- The addition of a bicycle pump track:  Several requests were received for this amenity which is designed so that a bicycle rider uses a pumping motion without pedaling to ride through a dirt track with small ramps and turns. In conjunction with a big volunteer effort, a bicycle pump track was recently installed at Northwest Community Park and is enjoyed by riders of all ages and abilities. 

- Bocce ball court area was reduced in size from two courts to one court:  One court was removed to accommodate relocation of the children’s play area away from the dog park. 

- Increase in size of children’s play area:  The second draft reflects that the play is planned to be comparable in size to the play equipment at Finley Community Park.

- Turf (grass) area reduced in size from 90,500 square feet to 70,500 square feet:  This was done to accommodate the increase in newly suggested amenities and relocation of certain key items.

- Community garden increased in size to 23,000 square feet from 13,500 square feet: The size of the associated parking lot for the garden area was reduced to increase overall size of the actual garden area.

Other additional minor modifications were made to the plan to reflect received input and best design practices for this site. Large items such as a swim center, baseball, tennis and pickle ball courts were suggested, but not added to the second draft plan because it was determined that they would not be well-suited amenities for such a small, active site with a large slope. There are environmental site constraints, including setbacks for the creek that limit the amount of active-use space available. The park site also provides great views across the city and through the park and adding in large items would reduce the amount of visibility within and out of the park site which was raised as a concern by community members. 

Please refer to the "Topic" below to view an enlarged graphic of the Master Plan and to submit your comments.

The City of Santa Rosa Recreation & Parks Department invites your input to help plan the design and development of Roseland Creek Community Park, to be located between McMinn and Burbank Avenues. This is an update to the 2015 draft concept plan and is now online for public viewing and input through September 29, 2017. Please do the following to share your input:

1. Click on the "View PDF" button below to view an enlarged graphic of the Concept Plan for Roseland Creek Community Park.

2.  Click on the "Topics" button (bottom of page) to submit your comments. 

El Departamento de Recreación y Parques de la Ciudad de Santa Rosa invita a sus contribuciones para ayudar a planificar el desarrollo del Parque Comunitario de Roseland Creek. Esta es una actualización del plan 2015 y ahora está en línea para su visualización pública y entrada hasta el 29 de septiembre de 2017. Haga lo siguiente para compartir sus comentarios:

1. Haga clic en el botón "View PDF" a continuación para ver un gráfico ampliado del Plan Conceptual del Roseland Creek Community Park.

2. Haga clic en el botón "Topics" (abajo de la página) para enviar sus comentarios. 

The City has begun the process to transition to district-based elections and will be drawing boundaries for those new districts to be ready for the November 2018 Council elections. 

It is essential for the success of this process that there is a shared understanding of neighborhood regions.  You are the person who knows your neighborhood best.  Please use the topics below to inform us on how you identify your neighborhood by describing your community characteristics, shared interests, views, or problems.

All comments received will be shared with City Council as part of the public feedback at future public hearings.

In addition to collecting information here on Speak-up, Santa Rosa,there will be opportunities for residents to engage in this discussion in person, sign-up and subscribe to receive email notifications (select "City Council Agendas, Minutes, and Videos") about upcoming community meetings & public hearings that are focused on district-based elections:

  • Community Meetings - 4-5 community meetings will be held around the City to answer questions and solicit input.

  • ​City Council Public Hearings - opportunity to be involved through the process of drafting and finalizing the maps (public hearing dates can be found here).  

Looking for background information on why district-based elections are coming to the City of Santa Rosa?  Please review the report item prepared for the October 3rd City Council Meeting (found here).