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The second draft design plan for Kawana Springs Community Park was presented at a community meeting on June 24, 2017 and is now available online for additional public review and input.

This second draft reflects a variety of public input that the Recreation and Parks Department received after presenting the first draft during a Community Meeting on May 20, 2017 and from comments submitted online. Based on the received input, the seond draft has been updated with frequently requested additions and other changes that were also well-suited to the site conditions.

A summary of the most significant changes include:

- The addition of a bicycle pump track:  Several requests were received for this amenity which is designed so that a bicycle rider uses a pumping motion without pedaling to ride through a dirt track with small ramps and turns. In conjunction with a big volunteer effort, a bicycle pump track was recently installed at Northwest Community Park and is enjoyed by riders of all ages and abilities. 

- Bocce ball court area was reduced in size from two courts to one court:  One court was removed to accommodate relocation of the children’s play area away from the dog park. 

- Increase in size of children’s play area:  The second draft reflects that the play is planned to be comparable in size to the play equipment at Finley Community Park.

- Turf (grass) area reduced in size from 90,500 square feet to 70,500 square feet:  This was done to accommodate the increase in newly suggested amenities and relocation of certain key items.

- Community garden increased in size to 23,000 square feet from 13,500 square feet: The size of the associated parking lot for the garden area was reduced to increase overall size of the actual garden area.

Other additional minor modifications were made to the plan to reflect received input and best design practices for this site. Large items such as a swim center, baseball, tennis and pickle ball courts were suggested, but not added to the second draft plan because it was determined that they would not be well-suited amenities for such a small, active site with a large slope. There are environmental site constraints, including setbacks for the creek that limit the amount of active-use space available. The park site also provides great views across the city and through the park and adding in large items would reduce the amount of visibility within and out of the park site which was raised as a concern by community members. 

Please refer to the "Topic" below to view an enlarged graphic of the Master Plan and to submit your comments.


CLICK HERE to review the second draft of the Master Plan for Kawana Springs Community Park. This plan has been updated from the previous version to reflect public input collected from a community meeting on May 20, 2017 and from input submitted online between May 22 and June 5th. (Read "Discussion" above for summary of changes from first dract to seond draft). Please submit your input on the second draft in the comment form below. Comments may focus on the types of proposed park amenities, general layout of the proposed park, etc.

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