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The City has begun the process to transition to district-based elections and will be drawing boundaries for those new districts to be ready for the November 2018 Council elections. 

It is essential for the success of this process that there is a shared understanding of neighborhood regions.  You are the person who knows your neighborhood best.  Please use the topics below to inform us on how you identify your neighborhood by describing your community characteristics, shared interests, views, or problems.

All comments received will be shared with City Council as part of the public feedback at future public hearings.

In addition to collecting information here on Speak-up, Santa Rosa,there will be opportunities for residents to engage in this discussion in person, sign-up and subscribe to receive email notifications (select "City Council Agendas, Minutes, and Videos") about upcoming community meetings & public hearings that are focused on district-based elections:

  • Community Meetings - 4-5 community meetings will be held around the City to answer questions and solicit input.

  • ​City Council Public Hearings - opportunity to be involved through the process of drafting and finalizing the maps (public hearing dates can be found here).  

Looking for background information on why district-based elections are coming to the City of Santa Rosa?  Please review the report item prepared for the City Council Meetings (found here).

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1) How do your refer to your neighborhood (e.g. Sky Hawk, Montgomery Village, Roseland Creek, Coffey Park, South Park, historic area, etc.)?  Please describe the areas that you naturally include and/or exclude in order to define your neighborhood.

2) Describe what you think are your neighborhood's natural boundaries: what are the highways, railroad, main streets, creeks, trails, or other geographic features that begin and end in your neighborhood?

3) Please share any additional thoughts or concerns you may have about how districts lines may impact your neighborhood and/or nearby areas that you do not identify as being a part of your neighborhood.

Please be as specific as you can in your responses. 

Please click here to review additional correspondence submitted by email. 

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Please share any additional comments to consider.

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